Thursday, August 25, 2005


Overall challenges are spinning through the air. Pending tremor, the day still dawns at midday! Could it be only fancy dreams that stucks at the ore of my instincts. Actually, it could be anything I can't grasp at all. Therefore, it is just time what matter most at this distance. It's like observing the distant universe. There are beautiful objects out there which we see them as they were years before. Mandatory insight enhance our view. Nevertheless, our senses tend to defy whatsoever we can regard as possible reality as those events in our daily basis. A remarkable feature extols from it such as elementary symmetry. And it works out quite fine since the beginning of everything. Leap of faith. Vacuum flows with light and gravity and dimensions. What seems real is fake and what seems fancy ends being pretty actual that knocks out our pale considerations of this rare cosmos. Let be light! Creation occurs every second of a second. Remembering the words of Leonardo which echoes these ideas; nothing is true, nothing is false, everything is according to the lenses we are wearing on!