Saturday, December 31, 2005


My sherry wham-of-light, my swaddled soul, December baby. Hush, for it is chill and dark, so dark. And it will grow darker still. Uh-huh, lul. It's like the void of the Universe. Uh-huh. We must embark directly, I think, lul. Bring an orange as the toll for Charon: he will be our gondolier. Upon the shore, the season pans for light, and solstice fish, their eyes gone milky white, come bearing riches for the dying year: solstitial kingdom. It is yours, the mime of branches and the drift of snow. With shaking hands, Persephone, the winter's wife, will tender you a gift. A gift which can and will give you life for ever. Born in a time of darkness, you will learn the trick of making. You shall make your consolation all your life. The Universe is on the outside of this summit kingdom as well as the inside. Uh-huh. Alpha and Omega. Spring and Winter. First and Infinity. Everything gets clear. Suddenly, it is cristal clear. All the elements, the water and air and fire and earth in the kingdom are sparkling clean and sound. A search for symbolism can harass a simple thing beyond its power to mean. The meaning of everything and nothing at the same time. The thing of this insight is on the outside as well as the inside of this Universe and nothing can rush from it.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

True eyes...

Daydreaming begins with dawn. And it continues along the heavy hours where we are awake. Our feelings and views often flip flop between fancy insights and novel ideas. Being honestly, this precious time is as treasure as profit for all of us. Agains all predictions, we can end up unto something gorgeous and benefical and important for the wellfare of our very lives. In fact, that's how miracles occurr and blessings appear. Only after has we gotten through all of this process that we realize how important it is. Why is it the way it is? Well, probably because we are not in a pressure mode. It is like living freedom.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


This is a story of my past. In a quite remote corner of the Universe. Regarding past lives, I think I was a star in my former life. A very beautiful and gorgeous star who was shining in the firmament. It was so amazing the colour of my light that everyone on Earth could see me at dusk and night. And, thus, I was promoted to a human being. This was my deepest honor. I liked being a star. I worked for a iluminating and waving the cosmos. Clouds of dark matter and galaxies tried to get past me almost every eon, and not once did I lose a planet. The Creator rewarded me with good destinty as far as I can think of it. He may have been luminous, but he think on me. And his children stare at me, when they weren't in school or working in the field. I had all the dreams any star could hope for. When I got old, the Creator got a new star, and I trained it in the tricks of this bussines. My Substitute quickly learned, and the Creator brought me in to the Earth to live with the human beings. It is a fair miracle.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


There are a great deal of workers, several couple of soldiers, a huge number of slaves, and an one queen, that's all. All of them are the trappings of royalty and agriculture. Having watched with extremely attention a documentary on africans ants I begin to question why you would take offense and hurt at being called “antlike.” Such ingenuity and cool precision, willingness to get along with your cohabitants who, genetically and environmentally speaking, are also like you. What you're lacking diversity when you make up in artistry, easy enough when every move is a dance. You attack in legions, colonize whole continents. You are the dream of the Republic realized and suddenly gone.

Like Etruscan, your language is indecipherable. I know this much: you herded cattle made small by memory; your banquet-floor mosaics depicted scraps and bones — no need to clean up. Coins under the tongues of the dead paid for passage, so I have no choice but to feed you the quarter you saw coming. You, well-off, engraved skeletons on chalices as a reminder of mortality, that the soul exists and exits through the mouth.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Analizing data from survey devices, one can predict unparalel theories about reality. Complex and cross issues that seem oscure may gain reliability and clearity through this sort of analysis. For instance, the predictive power of mathematics in quantum phenomena is one of the great intellectual successes of the 20th century. One can and may concentrate on how to make predictions about the numbers of each kind of basic state of a quantum system from only two ingredients: the symmetry and the linear model of quantum mechanics. This endeavor has awesome possibilities. So, algebra is a powerful tool for making this kind of analysis. In fields such as astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology, the research about the evolution of starbursts is crucial the performance of mathematics. Starbursts are a spectacular phase in the life of galaxies, with the potential of changing the appearance of the galaxy and enriching its environment with metals in galactic winds. The theory of analysis and the contemporary statistical methods and theory of nonlinear time series analysis may help to create a framework for understanding of any model of these starbursts. The principal focus is on nonparametric and semiparametric techniques developed in the last decade. The bottom line is that learning mathematics is a must in a contemporary society...

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Overall challenges are spinning through the air. Pending tremor, the day still dawns at midday! Could it be only fancy dreams that stucks at the ore of my instincts. Actually, it could be anything I can't grasp at all. Therefore, it is just time what matter most at this distance. It's like observing the distant universe. There are beautiful objects out there which we see them as they were years before. Mandatory insight enhance our view. Nevertheless, our senses tend to defy whatsoever we can regard as possible reality as those events in our daily basis. A remarkable feature extols from it such as elementary symmetry. And it works out quite fine since the beginning of everything. Leap of faith. Vacuum flows with light and gravity and dimensions. What seems real is fake and what seems fancy ends being pretty actual that knocks out our pale considerations of this rare cosmos. Let be light! Creation occurs every second of a second. Remembering the words of Leonardo which echoes these ideas; nothing is true, nothing is false, everything is according to the lenses we are wearing on!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Media's Era

Exploring current issues is an insightful endeavor. It requires keen senses and the hability of making critical judgements. Actually, it sort it out anything that matters. Descriminates it. Randomness is a numerical mesure of disorder. In the same way, information, defined by the formula, is a numerical mesure of order. Thus, processes that increase randomness destroy information and viceversa. Pull it by the overwhelming joy from heart that thrills by understanding, I enjoy making this point. Media make more randomness than information. According to Susan D. Moeller, an Assistant Professor in the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland, the Media oversimplifies events. She investigates the way over-simplification and sensationalism have dulled our response to even the most troubling events in the news.